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Annual meeting of Peshraft volunteers with MDIS Dushanbe


Annual meeting of Peshraft volunteers with MDIS Dushanbe

On 28th February 2023, Peshraft OBO held its final volunteer meeting of 2022.  Matlyuba Salikhova, the head of the organisation, gave a presentation on the history of Peshraft, its mission, tasks, and activities. She also spoke about the main projects of Peshraft. Next, Abdullo Kurbanov, the co-founder of the organisation, gave a presentation on the topic “The 4P’s” – People, Principles, Purpose, and Persistence. The presentation was very interesting and productive. Volunteers learned about basic life values and received creative recommendations in this area. They also learned about the values of volunteering in Peshraft, those who can become a part of this platform, and the expectations Peshraft has for its volunteers.

Most importantly, in life, it is important not only to speak but also to act. Only then can we achieve the desired results.

In the second part of the event, Mr Andrew Carter, a lecturer from MDIS and a specially invited teacher at MDIS Dushanbe with more than 20 years of teaching experience, gave a presentation on academic programmes. He informed participants of the opportunities and prospects of entering MDIS Dushanbe.

It was also announced that Mr Andrew would be testing everyone for a month to determine their level of English. Until classes start in June 2023, he will provide students with two free classes every day during March.

In conclusion, the Rector of MDIS Dushanbe, Mukhtorov Zaynidin Mulhtorovich wished the students success in their studies, self-confidence and inexhaustible optimism! He also noted that MDIS Dushanbe is a place where everyone can realise their dreams and empower their potential.

We had a great time hosting Peshraft’s annual meeting of volunteers on our campus and presented MDIS’ Vision and Mission as well as our academic programmes for this year. For our inaugural intakes, we are currently offering a 20% discount on course fees (terms and conditions apply).