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MDIS Dushanbe first Road Show 2023


MDIS Dushanbe first Road Show 2023

From 18 to 22 March, MDIS Dushanbe held its very first road show in 2023 with a presentation of its educational products.  The main goal of the event was to inform interested candidates of the academic programmes, admission requirements, and opportunities available at MDIS Dushanbe, and to develop their potential in shaping a brighter future for them.

As the global economy continues to evolve, the demand for a constant acquisition of relevant skills, even during employment, has become essential for success. To help students prepare for this challenge head-on, MDIS Dushanbe offers an industry-relevant curriculum to gain a competitive edge in the working world.

Supporting this vision is the introduction of Foundation Year Certificate (FYC) programme, a foundational course that prepares students with the prerequisites needed to pursue degree-level study in their course of choice.

Foundation Year certificate (FYC) is a two-semester programme.  The first year of education designed by MDIS (Singapore) is for applicants who have graduated from a Secondary School (11 years of compulsory education) and wish to start their studies from the first year of study at MDIS Dushanbe. Foundation Year (FY) students will be provided with great opportunities to improve and advance their English language and Communication skills. They will also acquire knowledge in Mathematics, Fundamentals of Information Technology and Introduction to Business Management.

It is available across various disciplines such as Business, Information Technology & Cybersecurity and Tourism & Hospitality.

What’s more, students are taught by experienced lecturers with many years of industry experience to ensure that you get the best learning outcome.

Not only will the MDIS Dushanbe Roadshow 2023 be an excellent opportunity for prospective students to explore a range of disciplines, it will also provide a free one-on-one education consultation. In addition, prospective students may receive 20% off education rebates waiver should they sign up during the promotional period subject to meeting terms and conditions.