Rector’s Welcome Message

Rector’s Welcome Message

Welcome to the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Dushanbe!

As we know Dushanbe city is the dream of the Tajik people and especially Tajik youth. As we can see, in recent years, rapid changes and continuous development of social, cultural, economic, political, scientific, and technological life have been very noticeable in our city. At the same time, Dushanbe is truly a city of achievements, a city of creativity and art, and a city of unique discoveries. From this point of view, the Management Development Institute Singapore in Dushanbe will develop the intellectual and scientific potential of our beloved country.

MDIS is a not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning, established in 1956 and has campuses in Singapore, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and now in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

The idea for the Dushanbe Campus came about at the invitation of the Tajikistan Government through their emissaries, who had visited Singapore and other countries to search for a quality Institution to deliver internationally recognized qualifications that will support the economic development of the Republic of Tajikistan.

It is well known that the Republic of Singapore has attracted everyone’s attention with its achievements in the field of technology, science, and education, and from this point of view, the initiative of the Republic of Tajikistan in the direction of cooperation in the field of science and education and the training of highly qualified specialists is a necessary and very worthy choice. On the other hand, the Republic of Singapore has certain similarities with the Republic of Tajikistan. Both Singapore and Tajikistan are not large territories. Singapore gained its independence in the 20th century, whilst the Republic of Tajikistan gained its independence at the end of the 20th century.  

These two countries are always developing with an open door policy and free economic relations, and both countries are located in the Asian region.

Tajikistan, with a population of 10 million, is experiencing strong economic growth since its independence. MDIS in Dushanbe is honoured to contribute to this development by training future leaders who will help to pilot organizations and enterprises to boost economic growth. We will deliver globally recognized and industry-relevant education programmes from reputable UK universities. These programmes will be taught by an experienced international faculty, made up of academics and practitioners. 

The Dushanbe Campus will allow students the opportunity to pursue transnational education and prepare them to function in the global economy. All classroom instruction will be in the English language, the business language of the world, which will enable them to become successful global business leaders.

From this point of view, it can be said with full confidence that the cooperation between these two countries will make a great contribution to the future of their nations. We are confident that the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Dushanbe will become one of the significant symbols of the development and prosperity of our country.

Rector of MDIS Dushanbe
Mukhtorov Zaynidin Mukhtorovich